Report of the National PRTR Inception Workshop of the Republic of Ecuador

Organization: Ministry of Environment of Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Themes: National Inception Workshop;GEF Project; Ecuador
Language:  English
Year published: 2018


Ecuador's National Inception Workshop Report for the Global Project on the Implementation of PRTRs as a tool for POP reporting, dissemination and awareness raising. The Ministry of Environment of Ecuador held an inception workshop on PRTR, in Quito the 8th May 2018. Key national stakeholders regarding the implementation of a PRTR, such as industries’ representatives, members of the civil society, as academia and NGOs, and government’s representatives, attended the meeting. The current situation regarding PRTR in Ecuador, a road map for the national execution of the project, and an overview of the IT development regarding the reporting system were presented by the National Coordinator, UNITAR's representative and IT experts. The participants also discussed and agreed on the goals and objectives of the national PRTR.

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