Framework on the Role of Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs) in Global Sustainability Analyses, Series on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers, No. 21

Author: OECD
Organization: OECD
Themes: Sustainable development;SDGs;PRTR;PRTR Data;Data harmonization
Language:  English
Year published: 2017

In recent years, several organisations have been working to promote the harmonisation of different PRTR datasets for use in international-scale analysis. This report builds upon these efforts by providing a framework for using PRTR data to assess and promote progress in global sustainability. The framework highlights opportunities for using PRTR data for international-scale sustainability analyses, presents limitations and factors to consider in international-scale applications of PRTR data, and discusses improving harmonisation of PRTR data to facilitate international-scale analyses. In addition, there are three UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where PRTR data are directly relevant to measuring progress and several other SDGs where PRTR data may also prove to be useful in measuring progress. The potential applications of PRTR data are presented to assess progress toward SDGs.

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