Resource Compendium of PRTR Release Estimation Techniques Part IV: Summary of Tehcniques for Estimating Releases of Chemicals from Products

Author: OECD
Organization: OECD
Language:  English
Year published: 2017

This main body provides information on activities by countries and different organizations in their efforts to identify, classify, quantify and restrict releases arising from the use of products (Chapters 2-4). Then, information on likely releases generated during the use of products is compiled in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 provides a general introduction to release patterns and Chapter 7 introduces available RETs for releases from the use phase of end-products as well as a list of potential product groups for inclusion into national PRTRs. Issues to be taken into account when considering the inclusion of releases from products into PRTR registers as well as recommendations on product groups to be included are compiled in Chapter 8.

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