Implementing a National PRTR Design Project: A Guidance Document

Organization: UNITAR IOMC
Themes: Guidance;Protocol;PRTR Data;Data Management;Data Dissemination;Legal Framework;PRTR Design
Language:  English
Year published: 1997

This Guidance Document is the core of the UNITAR Guidance Series for Implementing a National PRTR Design Project. The UNITAR Guidance Series, which is comprised of the present document and four supplements, has been developed to assist countries in implementing a national Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) design project. It builds on the substantive and technical information contained in the OECD Guidance Manual for Governments by providing countries with a suggested step-wise approach for undertaking the design of a national PRTR system.

Part C provides guidance on various key stages of the national PRTR design process. For each stage, an overview of activities and issues to be addressed is presented, including the main objective, key tasks involved, guidance questions, and expected outputs. Part C also includes references to supplementary documents that address specific stages of the national PRTR design process in more depth.

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