Guidance on Elements of a PRTR: Part I, Series on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers No. 17

Author: OECD
Organization: OECD
Language:  English
Year published: 2014

The present Guidance provides information on elements of a PRTR to national governments that are designing new PRTRs or considering revising an existing PRTR. It also provides factors that should be considered for users of multiple PRTR datasets or who examine different PRTR data. It discusses elements that may be included in the design of a PRTR and describes considerations for developing PRTR systems whose data can be harmonised (combined) with data from other PRTRs for global scale analysis. This document also provides useful resources for developing PRTR systems, including a list of documents that address: design and implementation of PRTRs; harmonisation of sectors, chemicals, and activity thresholds; integration of PRTR data for international scale analysis; release estimation techniques and how existing PRTR systems have been designed.

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