National Inception Workshop and trainings on institutional and technical aspects of PRTRs in Mongolia

June 26 2018 - June 29 2018 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Project: Strengthening Capacities for Developping a National Pollutant Release and Transfer register (PRTR) in Support of SAICM Implementation in Mongolia


In the framework of the project Strengthening Capacities for Developing a National Pollutant Release and Transfer (PRTR) in Support of SAICM Implementation in Mongolia, jointly implemented by UNITAR and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, the National Inception Workshop was hold in Ulaanbaatar the 27th of June 2018. This aim is to officially launch the project. National stakeholders such as industry representatives, ministries, environmental NGOs, academia and civil society will participate and take an active role in the design of a national PRTR in Mongolia.

On the 28th of June, a training workshop on technical aspects of PRTRs was conducted by UNITAR’ representatives, representatives from the US EPA and an Serbian International Expert. The session of the 29th of June focused on PRTR awareness raising and tools for data dissemination through interventions of representatives from UNITAR and as well as Environment and Climate Change Canada, as well as from the Serbian International Expert. The workshop finished with working groups' activities. Targeted groups of key stakeholders attended these face-to-face trainings.

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Group picture of the participants of the training workshop