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Please note that, at the bottom page of each video training, a downloadable PDF version is available with additional information on the related topic. Subtitles are avaialble in English, Spanish and Russian.


The Chemicals and Waste Management Programme (CWM) of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), with the support of UN Environment and financial contribution of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), has developed video training modules on different aspects of the development and implementation of national Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs).

Follow the video trainings if you want to learn more on how to effectively communicate reported data from industries, or which release estimation techniques should be used, or what kind of legal framework needs to be developed at national level.

The learning objective is to assist and support all interested stakeholders involved in the design or implementation of national PRTR systems: Governments, State Officials, Industries, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Academia and the Public.