Training Workshop conducted on Release of Estimation Techniques (RET) for Environmental Authorities in Moldova

December 1 2017 : Moldova

On December 1st, 2017 in frames of Global Project on the Implementation of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register as a tool for POPs reporting, dissemination and awareness raising, EPPO within the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova  has organized  workshop with the purpose to build the capacity of the environmental authorities on using new approaches in calculating releases of pollutants, including POPs, and reporting into the PRTR system, that is currently being established in the Republic of Moldova.

Participants of the event, 43 representatives of central environmental authorities and district environmental inspectors, benefit of the PRTR topic driven presentations with the purpose to enhance understanding of the new legal and regulatory framework arising from the implementation of the PRTR system; and to provide technical guidance in calculating and reporting the releases of pollutants into the PRTR system.
The key speakers of the event were Tatiana Tugui, EPPO manager, Svetlana Bolocan, chief division of the Ministry and Mr. Vadim Stîngaci, deputy chief of the Environmental Inspection. It was noted to the participants, that as the institutional reform on environmental authorities is taken place, the environmental inspection will be restructured as well and will have a leading role and responsibility in maintaining the PRTR system.The programme focused on both theoretical and practical work, covering the PRTR sectors relevant to the Republic of Moldova. EPPO provided the participants with materials in form of thematic power point presentations, publications containing detailed information on methodologies and the Excel files for practical application of calculation methodologies.

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