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What is a Pollutant Release and Transfer Register?

Do you know what is happening in your neighbourhood?
Do nearby industrial facilities release toxic chemicals?
What kinds of toxic chemicals are they releasing?

A Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) can help you find these answers!

Welcome to UNITAR’s PRTR Platform. Here, you can learn more about different aspect of PRTR, with our virtual classroom PRTR:Learn, as well as on-going projects and event related to PRTRs. A resource section is also available and provide a collection of international guidance on PRTRs as well as country-specific documents and strategies regarding a PRTRs’ implementations. And don’t forget to join a growing PRTR community on the social networks, to share experience and learn more about PRTRs.

Establishment of publicly accessible National PRTR approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova

July 31 2018

Based on Governmental Decision nr. 373 dated 24 April 2018, the creation of a national PRTR has been officially approved in the Republic of Moldova

International PRTR Week - Geneva, 7th-9th November 2018

July 27 2018

PRTRs: Promoting Informed Decisions for a Sustainable Future

National Inception Workshop and trainings on institutional and technical aspects of PRTRs in Mongolia

June 27 2018

A National Inception Workshop in Mongolia was followed by a 2-days training on technical and institutional aspects of PRTR, in the framework of the p...